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“The change process can be challenging and lonely. That’s why doing it together allows you to free yourself from old patterns and achieve long-lasting results.”
Eva Bengtsson – Founder of Back-on-Track

Sweden’s Leading Stress Management Trainer for Professional Women

“Top weekend for those who want to go. Recommended!”

Coaching for getting Back-on-Track

Sometimes in life, we are on a good trajectory, we have set our goals and are definitely in the flow moving towards them, yay! Then something happens… Whether it’s a health issue, or a divorce, or another loss, or a betrayal, or… something happens that puts us off the good track and it just seems impossible to find our way back! That is when we need a helping hand to get Back-on-Track again.

“The workshop was really a revolutionary experience that has deepened both my meditation and the energy flow in the body. Imagine that you carry an entire world within you, which you are not aware of. It makes me want to explore more. ”
Unique Women

Coaching healing for rapid life-changing results

I know what kind of helping hand is needed.

God knows I have been there!! So much and so many times I sometimes call myself miss Phoenix – like the bird that keeps getting burned to ashes – and always rises again. And because I always rise again, I know everyone else can too. In the method I have developed, the Back-on-Track Coaching, I combine coaching and healing with teachings on different kinds of self-healing.

All depends on needs and preferences. The quickest results come when the client is engaged in the process and do the homework we agree upon. But sometimes it’s not possible, if someone is not able to do any homework I’m happy to be the giver of hope and healing for a while until everything starts to feel a little better.

Everyone is unique.

Because every person is unique, there is no one size fits all approach to getting back on track and our trainings. We know the coaching works because we have seen the results many times over the years. but we have no control over time, sometimes it is fast to get back on track, sometimes slower. For some people, it feels good to have support over a longer period of time and make a longer commitment, but some people just want a little push in a positive direction.

Eva Bengtsson
Back on track

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“I am so happy and grateful for these two days of stimulating friendship and nourishment for both soul and spirit. Thank you for making this possible! Now let us shine in all our glory!!”
“The effect was immediate, the pain lessened with 50% the first session and hasn´t come back, but keeps getting less and less. My joy of living is returning, I feel lighter and I am again thinking about the future. I´m happier, have more strength to do things, am listening more to my own needs and love myself more than before. I have stopped pushing myself so hard, am more in the now, accepting life as it is.

Eva has been very good at making me feel my feelings, she has chosen the right words that was perfect for me to help me deal with my problems and my pain. Eva had so much patience and I got all the time I needed to describe my feelings and go deeper and deeper.

I am SO grateful to you Eva for the coaching and the EFT/tapping treatment!! With Love from Zina”

– client suffering from burnout and physical pain similar to fibromyalgia

About Eva

I have a master degree in counselling, coaching and creative education and I am also trained in rehabilitation, psychodrama, playback theatre, psychotherapy, regression therapy and EFT/tapping. I have worked many years in schools, job centers and in social work, always with the focus on helping people. Through the years I have helped and guided thousands of people in difficult situations to find solutions and a good way moving forward.

I have also always been interested in different types of energy healing and am trained in Reiki, Aura Soma color therapy, the Bengston method (with Bill Bengston), Light Transmission (with Michele Blood), the Peace Process & Instant Miracles (with Christian Mickelsen), the Power of 8 (with Lynne MacTaggart), etc. Of course, meditation and prayer are key when we work with energy so I have had an (almost!) regular meditation practice for most of my life.

Certified Aura-Soma (color therapy) practitioner 2017:


Lately, I have been getting more and more interested in how food and good quality supplements can help healing us and have looked at and experimented with lots of different styles of eating healthy. My favorite is Anthony Williams, the medical medium. He teaches his method mainly through his books and free talks on social media – highly recommended!


Finally, my most important trainings for running my workshops is the Train the Trainer (with Jack Canfield). I am certified to teach his success principles. And my training with Michele Blood allows me to teach her style of meditation and use her healing method to transmit light to participants and clients.

Certified ”Train the trainer” by Jack Canfield 2018:


About Michele Blood and meditation:



About Eva
“My energy feels elevated. Something lifted so the crown fits! Wonderful!”
“So cosy and magical! I feel light and rejuvenated!”

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